E-Learning Club (College)

The aim and the objective of this club are to provide the best and expert guidance to the students voluntarily through e-learning using hi-tech techniques. We would be thankful to you if you can join this esteemed club free of cost and take our mission forward to provide educational resources to everyone.

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The main features are as follows:

  1. To create a specific platform for well qualified and talented teachers.
  2. To spread the education skills and potential of the subject expert to the students throughout India.
  3. To teach students with the latest hi-tech technique online lecture on the topic through audio/video.
  4. To check the knowledge of the students through online test and prepare them through practice papers.
  5. To create self-confidence among the students through motivating speech for the future competitive scenario.
  6. To give scholarship incentives/books to the poor or merit holder or the winner of the competitive/test conducted by the club.
  7. To arrange quizzes, awareness programs, projects, and activities of the subject by experts for the students.
  8. To conduct teacher’s training, knowledge camps and practical and subject up-gradation/guidance by the experts,
  9. To conduct a web seminar/conference for the teachers/students on difficult subjects/topics.