This workbook “Vishvas Practical & Project Workbook in Computer Science” code 083 for class 11 & 12 as per CBSE syllabus, is our reputed workbook in Computer Science. It has been created to provide an easy way to compile the practical work and project report in this two-in one workbook.

For Practical
As per CBSE there should be at least 20 programs in the practical workbook. To make things simple we have provided 20 sample programs for your reference; these include programs in MySQL as per the CBSE guidelines.
This practical workbook contains specially formatted sheets which can be used to write your program statement, the practical program code and the output.

For Viva-Voce
150 Viva-Voce questions with answers provided to cover all topics as per the CBSE Syllabus. You can use these for a quick revision, both for practical and theory paper.

For Project
This Practical workbook contains sheets for writing projects. It also has 7 sample projects; these interesting projects are designed to give you an insight into some of the fields where Python programming can be applied. The instructions for the projects are also provided to you, so you will be able to submit a very professional looking project using this same workbook.
This practical and project workbook comes along with the textbook of Computer Science for class 12 as per CBSE revised syllabus. The book is extremely useful because it consists of QR codes which when clicked lead you to the program on an online platform. You are encouraged to use the online platform to practice the programs and make changes to see various aspects of each concept. That way you will be able to effortlessly practice each program in Python and MySQL without the need for downloading the software. You can then save and use this in your practical file.




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