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Cursive Writing Skills for Class 1 – Vishvasbook


English Cursive Writing Skills for Class 1

ISBN: 978-81-7537-173-6



In today’s scenario, English is the most widely-used language, both in speech and in writing. Moreover, we know very well that speech and writing go hand-in-hand.

Via the medium of this ‘Cursive Writing Skills Stage 1 to 5’, a child can learn writing beautifully and correct speaking of the alphabet and words simultaneously. The book provides you with the ample practice in both speech sounds and cursive writing. The exquisite illustrations, colourful presentation and ample practice provides an in-depth insight to the young learners. The activities have been designed keeping in mind the practice and interest of the children. Parents/Teachers keep in mind :

  • Instruct the children clearly and playfully.
  • Clarity of the topic is the most important thing.
  • Help the students in every manner you can to recapitulate and carry forward the cursive writing practice.
  • Explain the activities as lively as possible to create a lively atmosphere in class.
  • Blackboard use must be very clear which will arouse children’s interest.
  • The grip of the pencil should be taken care of.
  • The clarity of definitions in an easy manner should be taken up.
  • Correct pronunciation, practice of words, vowels and consonants individually will give place to fun.
  • Vast vocabulary covered in the book will really be helpful in children’s future classes.
  • Vocabulary activities will prove a helping hand to both students and their mentors for their coming classes.
  • Last but not the least, cursive writing has been given the utmost importance in this book as handwriting is the most important tool in a person’s life. So, let the children read, speak, write and enjoy to the fullest.


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