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A Book of Environmental Studies for Class 5 – Vishvasbooks



A Book of Environmental Studies Class-5

Based on New Education Policy (NEP-2020)

Author : Sangeeta Goyal

Published by:  Vishvas Publication Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 978-93-93086-37-2




Man is greatly affected by the environment he lives in. A clean and healthy environment leads to healthy minds and bodies. Therefore, each one of us needs to know, how to create and maintain such an environment. The series ‘EVS (Environmental Studies)’ for class 1 to 5, is based on National Education Policy -2020 with variety of activities, MCQ, New Words, Fill in the Blanks and Matching type Exercises.

Each book in the series is well planned and structured. The books cover a wide range of topics selected strictly according to the guidelines and syllabus prescribed by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

The author of the books possess long experience in writing books on this topic. Some other important features of the series are:

  • Well laid out text material in simple and clear language.
  • Colourful illustrations to complement and explain the written material.
  • Judicious mix of academic and fun exercises to create an interest in the subject.
  • Emphasis on team work.
  • Theoretical as well as practical exercises.
  • Multiple Choice Questions.

It is hoped that these books will help in making better citizens for tomorrow.


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