Physical Education Practical Record Book  B.A. I,II,III, General  Punjab University Hindi Medium


Entire syllabus given in the Units II to V will be covered to set six short answer type questions in first question/Unit of the question paper which is compulsory. The topics of unit-II to V are as under :

UNIT-II : Education : Meaning and concept of Education

Physical Education :

Meaning and definition of Physical Education, its aim and objectives.
Need and importance of Physical Education in the Modern Society and its relationship with other subjects.
History of Physical Education :
Pre and Post Independence Development of Physical Education in India.

UNIT-III : Olympic Games, Asian Games & Commonwealth Games :
Ancient Olympic Games.
Modern Olympic Games.
Asian Games; and
Commonwealth Games.

UNIT-IV : Sports Schemes, National Institutions of Sports and National and International Governing Bodies of Olympic Games :
Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur Coaching Scheme.
Netaji Subash National Institute of Sports, Patiala (NSNIS, Patiala).
Sports Authority of India (SAI).
Indian Olympic Association (IOA).
International Olympic Committee (IOC).

UNIT-V :Basics of Handball :
History of the game.
Basic fundamentals.
Equipment and specifications.
Marking/layout of court.
Rules and regulations (number of players, duration of game, number of officials required and general rules of play).
Major tournaments and Arjuna Awardees of the game.


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