Physical Education Class 11 CBSE Textbook for Session 2022-2023 English Medium


A Textbook of Physical Education for Class 11

(A Textbook of Physical Education (048) for Class XI as per the latest curriculum issued by CBSE vide circular no. Acad-48/2022, Dated April 21, 2022)

Book Stuff: Paperbond, 4 color

Language : English Medium

ISBN: 978-81-951651-2-4

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The National Education Policy 2020 has affirmed the need to move from rote to competency-based learning making it more focused on developing the creative and critical thinking capacities of students to meet the challenges of the 21st century proactively. It emphasizes that learners must be equipped with the ability to solve problems and assessment must shift from testing primarily rote memorization skills to one that is more formative, is more competency-based, promotes learning and development for our students, and tests higher-order skills, such as analysis, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity.
In order to move towards Competency Based Education (CBE), the CBSE issued revised syllabus vide Circular No. Acad-48/2022, Dated. April 21, 2022 is initiating further corresponding changes in the Examination and Assessment practices for the year 2022–23. Therefore, in the forthcoming sessions a greater number of Competency Based Questions or questions that assess application of concepts in real-life/ unfamiliar situations will be part of the question paper.
Keeping in view the pedagogical approaches and strategies such as Art-Integrated Education, Experiential Learning and Pedagogical Plans etc. given in the initial pages of the curriculum 2022-23.
Revised edition of this book, New Approaches “A Textbook of Physical Education” for Class XI includes Competency based questions in all the ten units, like MCQ’s, Matching Type, Assertion & Reason Type, Identify Type, Differentiate Type, Pie Chart Type, Case Study based, Free Hand Drawing, Flow Chart, Compare Type and Project based questions etc., which upgrade the student’s exposure, and develop their creative and critical thinking capacity.
In addition to above, new features have been added in this book. At the start of each unit contents and learning outcome has been given for easy understanding. Learning outcomes can be used to check the level of students. In each unit ‘Discussion Box’ is given which encourages the student to learn and learning becomes more meaningful for the students. ‘Do you know’ provide very useful information to the learner related with projects and activity work. ‘Extension Activity’ are very important and students learn as they write, discuss, design posters thereby understand the role of activities. ‘Art Integration’ which includes art, music, dance etc. which provides an opportunity for developing their skills. ‘Case study’ provides an opportunity to understand and practice writing of analytical answers based on given input.
My special thanks to my colleagues, friends and Vishvas e-learning club members of Physical Education for their suggestions and technical guidance for preparing this book.
Any suggestions for further improvement of this book will be gratefully acknowledged.