Why this project workbook is valuable for the students?

  1. They will learn the meaning of project work and how to prepare a good project?
  2. They will understand the value of project work in their real life.
  3. They will learn that how to identify, collect, and analyse the financial data for the project work.
  4. They will understand the concept of Analysis and Interpretation.
  5. They will understand the concept of Cash Flow Statement.
  6. They will understand the concept of Ratio Analysis.

This project workbook is designed as per the latest syllabus issued by C.B.S.E. In this book “Four Solved Sample Projects” have been given to assist the students to develop a good project.

Topics covered under this project work are :

1.    Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements.
2.    Ratio Analysis
3.    Cash Flow Statement



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