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Biology Lab Activity Book for Class-XII – CBSE



Lab Manual with Activity Sheets

Strictly according to the latest syllabus issued by CBSE & Other State Boards

ISBN : 978-93-86823-04-5

Published by: Vishvas Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Book Stuff: Hardbond with Lab activity Sheets




This Biology Lab Activity Book (Lab Manual with Activity Sheets) for students of class 12 has been made with the aim of making the wonderful world of flora and fauna much easier to understand at greater depths. Thus this Activity Book does not only serve the purpose of outlining of the observations to be made and recorded but also enables to develop a passion to go deeper into the mysteries of science and unfold the various treasures that lie in the detail.This Book covers the entire syllabus of Class 12 as per CBSE guidelines and sets clear expectation from the student regarding the aim of the experiment, its principle, list of materials to be used, its process, observation table (if required), inferences to be drawn and record of discussions to be made.To develop this curiosity in the avid students and make their understanding deeper and clearer we have introduced in this Lab Activity Book best in class diagrams, theory and relevant questions regarding each topic through which the students can relate the elements of science with the specimens they work with in the lab. Doing so, we are sure, that the students learning will become more holistic and they would be in a position to relate the concepts in the textbook to the practicals they perform in the Biology Lab.This Activity Book has been drafted using very simple to understand English and has been further simplified by providing very detailed diagrams. We would encourage users of this Activity Book to provide us with feedback and suggestions for futher improvement of this book.



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