Physical Education Text Book for B A Gen Punjab University 3rd year  Semester 5 & 6
English Medium

Entire syllabus given in the Unit-II to V will be covered to set six short answer type questions in first question/unit of the question paper which is compulsory.

Play: Meaning and Definition of Play.
Various theories of play and their significance in Physical Education and Sports.

Recreation: Meaning, definition, characteristics, aim, objectives and types of recreation and recreational activities. Significance of recreation in the modern society. Recreation providing agencies.


Competitions :

Meaning, importance and conduct of intramural and extramural competitions.

Meaning and types of tournament and their merits and demerits.

Draw of fixtures of various tournaments.

Camps :Meaning, aim and objectives of the camp. Advantages of camping/outdoor education. Types and agencies promoting camping. Organization of camps and factors affecting its organization. Educative values of a camp.

Athletics Meet: Organization of an athletics meet. Importance/significance of an athletics meet.


Posture: Meaning, types and importance of a good posture. Causes, preventive and remedial measures of a poor posture.

Postural Deformities: Postural deformities (Kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis and flat foot), their causes, preventive and remedial measures. Physical Activities and their effects on various physical parameters and vice versa Physical activities/training and their effects on aging, body composition, and obesity, general problems of obesity. Health related risk factors of obesity.

Obesity and physical activity: Causes, preventive and remedial measures of obesity.



Brief history of massage.
Meaning and definition of massage.
Principles/guidelines for massage.

Types of massage and their benefits.
Effects of massage on skin, blood circulation, nervous system and muscles.

Basics of Cricket

History of the Game

Basic Fundamental Skills

Equipment and Specifications

Marking/Layout of field

Rules and Regulations (Number of players, duration of game, number of officials required and general rule of play)

Major Tournaments and Arjuna Awardees of the game.


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